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Denso Iridium Spark Plugs on Rotax 582


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Hello Guys,


I have been using the regular NGK plug in my 582 (Top Mounted) since I have it but I want to try Denso Iridium Spark Plugs.




What Part Number I need to use for my Rotax 582 (Not Blue Head and my engine is Top Munted)


Do I need to calibrated them? Or use them as is from the box?


What advantage I will have using these Iridium plugs VS the regular NGK??..........BTW, I change them every 50 Hours


Is there is a chance I will see better o worst EGT, CHT o Water temperatures on my EIS using these plugs Or things will be the same as using the regular NGK Plugs


Any other advice??







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Why do you want to use them if you don't know wether or not they will be better.


Do the NGK plugs you use let you down, or don't you trust them. Would you continue to change at 50 hours even with Iridium plugs?


Surely the manufacturers have all the info you need, readily available, so that they can sell them.



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I don't have a part number for you, however I do use iridium plugs in my Jabiru.


They will likely make your engine run smoother and possibly increase maximum rpm and you may find it starts better.


You can not modify the gap on the iridiums, or should I say it says on the box not to adjust them as they are more fragile than a standard plug and you could break the electrode.



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Guest Maj Millard

We started using irridium plugs (NGK B8EV) some years ago on upside -down points- ignition 503 pull -start jobs.(single plug, pre DCDI ) The single plugs would oil up and you would get a better start with the B8EV. I reckon they ran a bit crisper with them too. I never noticed any difference in any temps, but did a couple of decokes, and everything was always nice and clean.


I continued to use them in my 582 DCDI on the Drifter, and always got at least 100 hours out of them. I think I actually ran a set out to around 160 hrs once, just to see how far they would go. Probabily done around 650 hrs on B8EVs overall.You can lightly bead- blast them, and reset the gap, but you have to use a wire type feeler guage, as the non- irridium bit gets a real round to it, so can't use a flat feeler guage. Eventually it gets so round that you just throw them.


Last time I bought a set they were about Ten bucks a piece, and may be more now. Not bad though when you get a hundred hours or so, and maybe better running and fuel economy. Even though Rotax calls for it, I have never gone out of my way to run resistor plugs, as I don't like them. According to NGKs specs the B8EV is considered a racing plug, and can be found at some motorbike outlets, but also my local Nissan dealer carrys them for some reason. The first couple of sets I bought were referred to as "precous metal electrode" but is probabily irridium. They get a ten from me...........024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif PS; I'm just running the standard plug in my 912s now.



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