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Would I buy a Chinese Ultralight?

Guest ozzie

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Austflight Aviation saw fit to shut down production of the Drifter they were building and send the manufacture of it to China.


Isn`t almost everything made in China these days?






"FLYING IS EASY,HITTING THE GROUND IS HARD".041_helmet.gif.78baac70954ea905d688a02676ee110c.gif



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Frank,


Was the Drifter/Chinese manufacture talk a proposal only or did any aircraft actually get built for the Australian market ?.....I ask out of ignorance, so any facts would be greatly appreciated




Is the Dalby Qld. project now connected with Chinese manufacturers in part or full.


Interested to know as I wanted to buy an aircraft from the Dalby guys some few years back and waited, and waited ,and etc....until Wayne Fisher put his hand up,and he has since built three for me.







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I dont know about the aircraft but an electric paraglider would be amazing! I watched some guys down the gold coast with 2 stroke powered ones. At the time all I could think was 'pitty about the noise!'....well....that could be a thing of the past!



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