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upgrading nose-leg housing

Bruce Tuncks

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Has anyone changed a glass nose-leg mount for the alloy ones? Does it fit in the same holes?


A year or so ago, I was talked out of the need to change up to the alloy mount, but I still worry about the glass one giving me a bad surprise.


I've got an SK 2.2 which mainly flies from Gawler, off a concrete runway designed for WW2 bombers, and there isn't any evidence of problems with the mount.



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It's not reall hard to inspect. Mine cracked at the bottom and up uone side. You can inspect it (cowls off) by lifting the nosewheel off the ground, then trying to flex it fore and aft. FWIW mine had a crack right across the bottom. As noted elsewhere I have repaired it twice but have now given up on it.



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