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Tally Ho!!

Ben Longden

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Nudge nudge.....


Seriously, I'm 80% of the way through the rest of the show.. Ryan, Tiger Moth, Wirraway, Boomerang with a dash of Canberra and a duel with a Vampire and Meteor.


I have also included the Spitfire in the compilation as well as doing it as a standalone.


It's on DVD (or will be in a day or so..). Anyone want a copy in the club need only pay cost price; $10. incl P&P


Just PM / email me with your address details and we can go from there.





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Guest Vigilant

Ah time to take some heart medication - for some reason the old pump is beating a little faster after that - SWEET, or as my young bloke would say TOTALLY SICK!!


Great Video Ben



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