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FS 2004 - talking to ATC


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I received this email about a new product for FS 2004 and whilst I think it is a bit expensive someone may like it:


Flight Simmers have been asking us this question for the past 10 years....


"Is There A Way That I Can Talk To The Air Traffic Controllers In Microsoft Flight Simulator In A Natural Voice and Have Them Understand Me And Respond Accordingly?"


Up until now - the answer has been "no".


That has now changed with this new title - VOX ATC Deluxe Add-On For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.


VOX ATC now lets us answer "YES" to that question and lets you communicate with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004's Air Traffic Control using your plain natural voice.


All you need is VOX ATC Deluxe and a regular headset with a microphone and communicating with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004's ATC using your keyboard now becomes a thing of the past.


This is the next step in Flight Simulation realism for you. Now you just talk to the controllers using your plain natural voice - and of course standard ATC phraseology - and enjoy complete controlled flights without reaching for that keyboard!


VOX ATC Deluxe is coming to PC Aviator the week beginning Monday 19 September. It's priced at $129.95. We're also offering the very high quality Plantronics Audio 90 Speech Recognition Multimedia headset for $49.95.


Ordering our VOX ATC/Audio 90 Bundle saves you $10 on the combined prices and is just $179.95.


To be one of the first to be "talking" to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004's Air Traffic Controllers on your cross country flights, click on over to PC Aviator now and preorder VOX ATC Deluxe and the Plantronics Audio 90 Headset and be one of the first to enjoy speech recognition for your air traffic control communications with FS2004.


We'll be shipping the very same day they come into stock - the week commencing 19 September.


Links to follow for this offer are:


VOX ATC Deluxe $129.95:




Plantronics Headset $49.95:




VOX ATC/Headset Bundle $179.95 (Save $10):




If the links don't work for you, simply go to www.pcaviator.com and go to the Coming Soon section.


We're excited to finally be able to offer you speech recognition for air traffic control communications with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.



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Guest Guest

what a great idea, im 15, and just got my wings, and love mfs, im finding that even tho i do not have the add-on, it helps me with my radio calls for my GA licence next year,



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