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Stabilator Leading Edge Protection


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Due tostone damage to the leading edge of the stabilator on my CTsw, I have had approval from the Flight Design factory to install some form of plastic tape to the leading edge.


They specify a plastic with thickness of 0.25 - 0.30 mm and extending back 50 - 100mm from the leading edge. (under and over)


Does anybody knowwhere I can sourceplastic tape like this (preferably self adhesive) which would stand up to exposure to the sun and elements?







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You need to look for something like 'Blade Tape' as used on helicopters.


It's polyurethane based and quite tough.


You could also use another tape advertised as 'Leading Edge Tape' available from 2" to 6" wide from Aircraft Spruce.


They don't say what it's made of, but they also have the Polyurethane stuff which is more expensive.





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Hey Dave,


I'm in the market for some to put on the Jabby. Don't need a 100 meters!! though.


I'm sure I'm not the only who would be willing to buy 10 meters worth.


Any more takers??


Split the cost ten ways and pay a little postage.





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Arthur....thanks for the link to Aircraft Spruce. That is exactly the sort of thing I am looking for, however I am hoping to be able to source it within Australia. I have been told that there is a similar plastic tape used by theautomotive industry, sowill check that out before ordering from the USA.


Peter......not sure how the tape comes.....ie with a removable backing or just in a roll like duct tape. If it is the former, then a 5 or 10 way split would be possible, howeveras I said above, will try and track down a similar product in Australia and will let you know.




Dave WestCoast



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