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What do you think about the RA-Aus Syllab

Guest bateo

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G'day Guys,


There has been some discussion on whether the RA-Aus Syllabus is plain too brief in some areas comparing to the knowledge of those pilots with a PPL.


Is the Recreational Syllabus too brief to the extent of knowledge learnt in the PPL syllabus???


Should the Recreational Syllabus contain more aviation theory and practical hours to try and meet a standard requirement of those with a PPL???


Just interested in what you guys think...


I know I use my knowledge and experiences from the GA background every second while flying, no matter what the aircraft... and I have come across some recreationalpilots that have very minimal knowledge and have caused danger to themselves and other pilots....



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I agree Ben, I think the only difference should be is dividing those pilots into basically flying for a hobby and to make flying more possible by being cheaper to buy, maintain and fly aeroplanes in Recreational.. For those pilots who want to continue into a career or further their qualifications get endorsed with a PPL..



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Ben, as you would know being at Shepparton, a lot of RAA aero clubs/schools are training to GA standards these days which is great. The only component of the BAK that is not applicable to RAA is weight and balance although if the schools do train to GA standards then knowing weight balance never goes astray.


So, at 20hrs you have your RAA certificate that allows you to fly 20 mile from the strip and you can not take passengers YET in GA at 20hrs you get your GFPT, fly less distance from the strip but can take 3 passengers.


So in comparison at this point I would think, my opinion only, is that they would be neck and neck although in GA you can kill other people if something goes wrong but in RAA you can't.


OK, the next step is the next 20hrs where in RA you train further to carry a passenger (in GA you already can so GA is less restrictive) and fly further from the strip without getting lost, a totalmin of 6hrs (5 x-country with 2 of them solo which count towards your 3hrs for pax - which also has a theory test but not in GA) but in GA you could say you also spend 5 hrs learning not to get lost, the same as RA but the other 15hrsyou are learning to flyin controlled airspace which has no RA equiv.


So in my humble opinion I would have thought that RAA is just slightly more restrictive then GA if you wish to stop at the 20hr point. After that GA gives you more opportunities ata higher cost.


Crikey that sounds confusing in reading back



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