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Rudder pedal attachment


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The enclosed pics are from a Gazelle whose rudder cable attachment arm broke off on the left hand pedal.


Airframe time around 800hrs. No further details known.


Might be of interest to others to check their pedals. Please let me know if you find something similar.









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NO NO NO - a big thanks to highlight something for both myself and other Gazelle owners out there to pay even closer attention to. On my walkaround I have been guilty of perhaps not paying that much attention to the pedals with only giving them a general look over and not check the welds at the back of them



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11th October 2003


I had this same failure on a flying school Gazelle, with my son on board, he never did fly in the Gazelle......anyway I reported this and I believe if you check back the CASA and RAA have both issued an AD or whatever RAA call them.


This is a serious issue and was taken very seriously at the time I reported it.


I would suggest they be inspected before each flight, especially if its not your own plane and you have no idea on who has been heavy footed with it.


My recomendation was to put the tube through the pedal and weld a gusset under the tube.







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