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Flying... there is no better way to see the country!


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Probably should be in the Navigation section, but It's more like a trip really... My first time to fly over our coastline (other than Hervey bay a long time ago!).


Todays Navex trip was ~ Dalby, Jacobs Well, Dunwich, Caboolture, Dalby.


It was just amazing! great views, and we had a bit of everything... Airspace, winds, Rain showers, and a lovely trip to top it off!:thumb_up: That went to the numbers!:thumb_up:


Attached is some of the pics that I managed to squeeze in!




Caboolture aerodrome




Looking north up Stradbroke Island




Burpengary, Deception bay area... thats the Bruce Hwy




South Stradbroke






Gold Coast




Caboolture Township & aerodrome

















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Thanks Merv, Yeah couldn't help myself... seeing that I had to do all the hard work and plan to fly us around all the airspace and transiting calls, and planning the whole show etc... I thought I should get some pictures too, really just to show you fella's what I'm up to! and friends, when you get pictures like that, It'll convert any non acft person into liking to fly....!;)



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Top work Thomo, did you full stop anywhere and how did you find the jab over the distance?

G'day Relfy, we were going to stop at Dunwich, but it started showering a bit, so we made the decision to keep on keeping on while we could still see where we were heading....!


It was pretty good actually, the total time of the trip was 3.3hrs, so I was surprised I didn't have a sore back sitting in the one position for that time. I guess I'm the right length and width to sit there just nicely!



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Hi Tomo.


I should have noticed before that you were flying from YDAY. We called in recently after the Bundaberg airshow. Nice strip! :thumb_up: Unfortunately we copped atrocious weather along the coast so missed out on a lot of sightseeing. Next time!!



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G'day K-man! Yes, 13-31 is a nice strip... 04-22 is a bit ordinary though!


Yes, that's the problem with the coast... it attracts all the bad weather! but, yes it's great when its great!





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