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Good luck Mr Gorkey

Guest ozzie

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Guest ozzie

With the recent 40th anniversery of the first moon landing i was reminded of possibly one of the most interesting 'urban myths' of the 20th century. Whether it is true or not is open to debate.


When Neil Armstrong was about to desend down the ladder of the lunar lander he was apparently heard to have said to himself' "Good luck Mr Gorkey".


For many years after Neil refused to comment on this when asked by reporters.


Neil finally told the story behind the comment when his neighbours," the Gorkeys" had both passed away.


Apparently when Neil was a young boy he was playing in his backyard and had overheard his neighbours having a domestic behind their slightly open bedroom window. Mrs Gorkey was loudly stating, "A H##D J#B!! You'll get one of them when that kid next door walks on the moon"



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