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Coppa Choppa scaring the b-jesus outta me

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Well...i could hear it, and i could hear it was moving..and i could hear it was getting closer-but could i see it?Hell no..:confused:


So i may have had a few drinks:yelrotflmao:, and i was walking home only to see(or should i say hear) the Coppa Choppa flying over inner suburban melbourne at 1000 feet with not a light lit.Due to a bit of low-ish cloud which had a blue tinge similar to the aircraft i only saw him when he was right over head, and even then it was a blur(i only had two beers but it was a long day:sleep:).


The question i have to ask is what if some day tripper is on his way back from somewhere with his new Night rating..You just would not see the bugger..


Bloody scary if you ask me



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Guest ozzie

do the cops operate that black helicopter? have tuned in to the sound of each fling wing that operates out of Sydney. the approach for them to the airport is along foreshore park right behind my Sydney abode. at night can hear him but rarely see his lights. they play havoc with my TV reception



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