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Where in the world?

Guest Redair

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OK, this may sound like an odd question... but does anyone know the name/location of the airport that has an approach path that goes through the mountains, and requires a sharp turn at a large checker-board on a mountain side?


I can remember seeing pictures of a 747 making the turn, when I was a child... yes I can remember that far back!


Would love to know where it is, as I think it will take me forever trying to find it on FSX by going through one airport at a time.





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That's the one. I flew in to Kai Tak many times.


You could actually look down the right wing and see what people were watching on their TVs.


An Air China (I think) flight overshot the runway and parked itself in Kowloon Bay once, and they forced them to blow it up to restore the safety margins. They weren't allowed the time to salvage.


I believe it was the same airline which parked a plane upside down next to the main runway in the 1st week of operation of the new HK airport (Chep Lap Kok). Caught by rotor off the top of Lantau island I believe. Provided a lesson for everyone else.


I flew on Air China a few times. The hostesses strap themselves in tight and don't get up unless you are adding to the ambient danger level. And then only to slap you and sit down again.


Ah memories...



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