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Hi folks,


I've been lurking about in this forum for a few months now and it's about time I said "hello!". I've wanted to fly for a looong time but have been scared off by the cost. About 6 months ago I saw an ad in the local paper advertising a TIF at Tooradin and I thought "I can afford that!"


Well I've now completed about 17 hours in the J160's at Tooradin and absolutely loving the experience. The first take off was a real buzz, the first unassisted landing that didn't leave a divot in the runway was soooo satisfying, I can only imagine what it'll be like to complete my first solo. Very exciting, somewhat scary. Can't be far away now.


Logging into the forum is a daily must-do, to catch up on the latest news and views, jokes and pics from the friendly and knowledgeable members.


Ian, you do a monumental job putting this web site together for all of us, can't wait for the rollout of the new version in a few days time.







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dont worry, you will NEVER forget the first solo. i remember mine like it was yesterday, 6 am, Bankstown airport, in a piper warrior.. i was so happy i was laughing all they way downwind , and looking at the empty seat beside me..... and laughed all they way back to pick up my instructor.......



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First solo in a Cessna 150 61 model.. Thinking to myself, wow this is it, listening to the engine hum away.. On downwind, in deep thought doing my routine checks, making sure I havent forgotten anything, going over them 3 times to make sure.. then thinking to myself S#$% now I have to land the thing!!!


Wow what a day, you will not forget it mate..



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Welcome Tony.


First solo. A great time snd still well remembered, but even greater was first jump with a parachute, and it wasn't strapped to someone else either. I think it outweighs first solo for me but of course of far shorter duration.



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