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Permission to land?


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Hello to everybody out there. I'm joining this sight as I have recently been bitten pretty hard by the aviation bug and the motivation to get my licence and a little further down the track, my own plane........not to far though! I have always ben into the idea of flying and was in the AIRTC when I was younger but dirtbikes ended up taking my attentions over,till now. I am hopeing to use this sight to help with research on the thusands of questions running round in my skull. Any help would be massively appriciated. While I'm here I'll take the opportunity to throw a question out there. Well, in the mext month or so I'll moving from Bathurst, NSW down to melbourne. I know I can look schools up on the net and all but but I am seeking the oppinions of others based on personal experience as to which would be a good place to get started tackling my licence. Cheers.:thumb_up:



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Guest Decca



Welcome to the forums tarana777. Good to see you spreading your wings.


You need not be afraid to ask any of those questions here.


Regards, Decca.





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Welcome to the forums tarana! You'll find lots of helpful folks on here.


As far as schools go, with the changes to GAAP just implemented, forget Moorabbin 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif.


Lilydale is worth considering - we have three Jabs on line (there's also a Tecnam available for duals). Good instructors, mostly qualified for GA instructing as well as RA - so if you want to go on to get your PPL it's an easy transition into the Warriors.


No waiting for takeoff, just taxi, complete runups and enter and roll (at least yet, I noticed the other day that Coldstream seemed a whole lot busier than normal with foreign students so maybe the move out of YMMB is already happening). No landing fees plus you have the pleasure of learning to land on grass :thumb_up:.



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