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Pitot and Transponder testing


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Hi all,


Can someone give me an idea how much it costs to get your static, Pitot system and Transponder tested with certification for CASA?


And How often does it need to be done?





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Guest Cloudsuck

G'day Jim, the RAD 43 and RAD 47 (Transponder & Encoder) have to be done every two years. My first ones a few years ago cost me $125 but my last one at the beginning of this year cost me $250 (it was done by Ned Kelly avionics I think). I can't remember how much the AD Instrument 8 (Altimeter) costs.



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sure you can test and calibrate non TSO'd instruments but unless they have that TSO number from manufacture they are still non tso'd instruments. but at least you will know your alti reads right.



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