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Newbie wanting to fly :)

Guest Erich

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Hello guys


My first post so I hope posting this info request is ok, very interesting forum here :)


Im looking at getting my ultra light (trike) license in Adelaide, more than likely Strathalbyn airfield :rotary:.


Unfortunately you can't "hire" these babies so I am crunching numbers on a second hand one. I see there are many options and you need to be careful. Im thinking a 4 stroke will be more beneficial due to better hp/economy/engine life? What type of engine life (approx) could 1 expect from a 4 stroke and what are the maintenance steps required (ie - oil at 30 hrs, plugs at 50 hrs etc)?


Welcome any thoughts :)







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Hi Erich,


I guess it all comes down to what you want to pay.


My first trike was an edge X with a 582 blue top and a streak 1 wing, it served me very well for the 18 months I had it before updating to a 912.


I updated from the 2 stroke to the 4 stroke for a number of reasons as followed


1. I was doing so many hrs I was going to wear out the 2 stroke in no time.


2. the 4 stroke actually burns about 3lph less than the 2 stroke.


3. the recommended TBO for the 4 stroke is 1500 hrs compared to 300 hrs for the 2 stroke.


4. the XT has 70 litres of fuel compared to 44 for the edge x.


5. other than the initial purchase cost of the 912 the maintenence costs and running are far less than the 2 stroke. (plugs 100 -150 hrs) compared to 25, oil change every 50 hrs ( thats when i change mine) 9 -10 lph compared to 12 -15lph 2 up


Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the 582's there are plenty of them out there that have run over 700hrs and quite a few 912's out there that have run on condition over 3000 hrs


It's a lot of brass to out lay for a 912 so I would make sure that once you get your ticket it is what you want to do and are willing to out lay a lot of your hard earned for something you intend on using as often as you can.


I have averaged over 100 hrs every year for the last 5 years thats why I went for the 4 banger 3 years back.


Hope this helps







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Hi Erich,


IMHO, learning on a 2-stroke trike will make a better pilot of you. The Streak-1 & 2 wings require more pilot input to fly than the Cruze and Streak-3 wings used on the 4 stroke trikes. The slower Wizard wing requires even more input.


Most XT-912 trike pilots who used to fly Edge-X 582's (Alf and myself incouded) will quite correctly tell you that the XT-912 is much easier to fly and is easier to get more hours in because it can be flown in a wider range of (rougher) conditions.


So, if you're a purist, save money initially by learning on an Edge-X 582 trike, then upgrade to an XT-912 when you get your Cross-Country endorsement and you're sure it's what you want.


Keep in mind that landings can be more challenging in an Edge-X 582 than in an XT-912 so your level of confidence as a student pilot should probably factor into that decision.







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