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Want all AWIS phone numbers in your phone? There's an App for that!

Guest basscheffers

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Guest basscheffers

Apple just released my little AWIS Dialer App for the iPhone: Dial-a-Wis.


Does exactly what it says on the tin!


Get it from this link or search for it in the iTunes App Store.


Hope some find it useful; I spent a whole evening on this! ;)




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Guest basscheffers

Uhm, it's been a while, but if you don't have it yet, the updated version has "recent" numbers, making it easy to dial the same ones over and over again.


Speaking of dialing over and over: around 500 people are now using the app and someone uses the dial function around 25 times per day.


(All stats are gathered using Flurry.com and are completely anonymous, in case you were wondering!)



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