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Casino Aero Club

Guest Maj Millard

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Guest Maj Millard

Just spent a few days enjoying the superb hospitality of the Casino Aero club. This club, despite having lost a sizable portion of the airfield, have dug in for the long run, and have a really nice club house and hangar facility for members, plus it is set up to also cater for the visiting or transitting pilot.


It has been a while since I have seen such helpfull and friendly people, all of whom, from the president on down, did everything thing they could to make us welcome and assist us whilst purchasing a Savannah VG from one of their club members. One couple even made themselves available on Sunday morning, so that we could get the newly fitted Savanah Leading edges primed and painted, which allowed us to depart to the North on Monday morning. A couple of members even came out early on Monday to see us depart. (Or was it just to make sure we left ??!)


Thank you all !!!......and if you are in the area please drop in and lend you'r support to this really great club. It would be a shame to see such an airfield dissappear, at the whim of a few greedy and decietfull land developers.........Maj Millard.....024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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Casino strip


They are an amazing bunch of guys. It is such a great example of a brilliant local club. Even though I am only down there occasionally I joined up. Their newsletter is good and numbers are always a good thing.

I second that 002_wave.gif.62d5c7a07e46b2ae47f4cd2e61a0c301.gif !! The Casino flyers are a great bunch of guys and some women as well with a great club house and meet monthly for a great BBQ on a sunday Lunch ! Great Airstrip well maintance and safe area to fly around big open paddocks every where !!


cheers DAN



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Ditto re the hospitality at Casino


I spent a couple of hours there in 2008 waiting out weather en route to Natfly. The local CFI entertained me with his superb R/C model helicopter flying, and the members provided a welcome coffee & cake. Local knowledge was freely offered as well as a bed for the night if I couldn't get away that day. And all this to a perfect stranger who just happened to fly in unannounced!


It saddened me tonight to go through my photos of this visit and see the beautifully maintained red Boorabee in the hangar - now sadly missed with its owner in tragic circumstances.


They are a great club, and deserve to prosper.



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