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  1. Hi 80 knots glad to see you have seen the light and picked the best aircraft :) I have done a bit of prop playing and the Savannah s has 125mm prop Extension which changes the ball Game on prop choices . The lighter the prop the better for engine and gearbox life when you have a prop extension . If you had to pick a prop that wouldn’t break up inflight after a bird strike warp drive the only one however very heavy and lacks performance . I can’t wait to try a EProp and what I have seen and read so far It sounds the Best fit for a Savannah . It looks to solve a lot of problems of the prop e
  2. This will put a cat among the pigeons I know you are trying to gain info of a gen 4 engine and performance / cooling . If your engine has only 60 hours tt you are in the safe zone the ones I have heard throw reliable sources 200 to 400 hours is when you start replace heads and cylinders on gen 4. Normally engine noise get louder as exhaust gas flows out between heads and cylinders gets a small crack there .They may have fixed this problem by now time will tell weather fixed or not . You watch all the jab owns attack me on the this site but not care as they have a lot more then I have to lose a
  3. I looked up the radar loop history at the rough time of 4.20 pm Tuesday and there was a big lot of storm rain cells come thought that beach area right at the some time . I would have cloud to the ground at that point .
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/married-couple-feared-dead-after-plane-debris-found-off-moreton-island/ar-BBZeVcJ?ocid=spartanntp I THINK 182
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/debris-recovered-as-search-resumes-for-light-plane-missing-off-moreton-island/ar-BBZeiBL
  6. So true I started flying at age of 16 and now 45 was the youngest aircraft owner at my local field for over 22 years , and still the youngest hanger share holder . We had a club agm last year and though I was in the bingo hall most in late 60's, and mid 70's , So flying be coming a old people sport very quickly throw some factors high costs and bad press of the sport being dangerous . So with in 10 years the average pilot age will be mid 70,s so that just going to be a fact . I have spoke to local flying schools and 99 percent of there young students get there licence and that the las
  7. Owen will be missed as quiet Achiever and all around good guy good safe gyro pilot I first meet him at teewah when he was teaching himself in a gyro and we were Teaching ourselfs in a wheeler scout in the 80,s which is not recommended ,high risk teaching your self but had no two seat aircraft around then . His poor wife will have her hole life turned up side down in 15 mins of poor judgment with weather i think he was the pax in the domed flight . Not sure what to say about the horrible out come to our unforgiving sport . He would be one of dozen people killed in the last 18 months flying
  8. This is the second raa aircraft in 2 months crashing on approach with the same outcome . Very sad to see this time of year , but this time of year has is not friendly for flying north of Brisbane in summer with the drought . The hot dry conditions that we are under due to 10 year drought with hot dry wind increases your stall speed and sink rate on any aircraft . So the further north of Brisbane and west the conditions are not friendly . I have lost a friend (CFI) a few years ago due to these same conditions on approach as well . stay safe over xmass.
  9. I think it all starts with how and who called in the incident ,general public or news outlets tend to exaggerate when comes to aircraft. If it was a car they would the wheel fell off or drove of the road but if its a aircraft its a crash, or terrifying crash for just about every think that happen to a aircraft even a flat tyre . I thought there is a emergency service building at Bendigo airport for bush fires etc , they may have used this one for training as well .
  10. I have got my coolant pipes in a way so don’t need the elbow .
  11. Hi there yes I has a drilling plate for balance master to suit jab prop pattern . There not certified but work well there around $185 plus postage and take a few days to drill and post in my spare time . I only sell them for a hobbie . Cheers Daniel
  12. if 19 rego you can use MACKAY HOSE part number HH1752 comes as 2 metre about $20 from a car parts place 17.5mm
  13. You can tell you are new into flying ,as if you have been flying while you would no a lot better then put all this on a public forum . If you have a problem with how that person is operating a school aircraft talk to him . The flying group is a very small group you will soon run out of friends .
  14. You like you have flown in aircraft like thrusters ,drifters,scouts,quick slivers ,trikes , weed hopers ,flight stars. These where all run of the mill ultralight aircraft 20 years ago . After hundreds of hours of them bill,s become a lot easy going towards flight training because he had no more scare left in him . All those aircraft the wing in the air was nothing like the shape it was on the ground about the only think was the same was the colour of it . Ait was nothing to see wing twist up the 100mm at the tip in any direction in rough time conditions . The savannah is a good aircaft and
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