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Looking for a Drifter


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Hi all,


I'm new here, thought someone might be able to help me. I'm thinking about getting a Drifter for my first aircraft. Anybody know of one in a decent condition for less than $15000. In fact $10000 (ish) would be good, leaves me a bit of cash for improvements. I've already emailed Wayne Fisher and he's going to send me a list so I'm looking for the 'word of mouth'.


Also, I live in Canberra where there isn't many places to keep an ultralight. Does anyone know of somewhere near Canberra for hangerage?





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not a drifter - but...


g'day Bob


FYI the little yellow Rogal biplane advertised recently in the R A Aus mag (for as much as $23k) was still available a few weeks ago


the guy i spoke to was very keen to sell and had dropped the price to $15k to turn it over for the seller (lady whose husband was killed in another acft, hence the "deceased estate" wordage in the ad)


this acft is somewhere near Canberra, might be worth a look, seems like a nice little bargain to me, would have had a look meself but too far from sunny Qld


contact is Andrew @ 0418 483 767







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Guest airsick

I think I saw this a couple of weekends ago in Goulburn. If it is the one I am thinking of it is a nice looking aircraft.



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