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Advice from the CEO regarding entry into controlled airspace


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July 31, 2009


Dear RA-Aus members,


Developments have occurred in the last 24 hours that all Recreational Aviation Australia Inc. (RA-Aus) members must be made aware of. As many of you know, RA-Aus has been pursuing the introduction of Controlled Airspace to our certificates and this has been eagerly anticipated by many members. Today we received a letter from the Director of Aviation Safety, Mr. John McCormick advising us of his decision to maintain the current policy of entry into Controlled Airspace requiring a CASA Licence. RA-Aus continues to engage with CASA to provide an equitable outcome for members and urges RA-Aus members to allow the organisation to continue negotiation without undue interference.


As described previously the conditions for entry into Controlled Airspace for RA-Aus only certificated members has not been introduced by RA-Aus and as such it is important that all RA-Aus Members not holding a current PPL or higher Licence do not access Controlled Airspace.


Further implications for RA-Aus members in the upcoming months will be the CASA proposed introduction of Mandatory Radio Carriage (VHF) into all registered and certified Aerodromes* across Australia. This directive is subject to the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) process and RA-Aus will notify members of it’s progress and time to respond in the future.


For the majority of members, operation without a VHF Radio is minimal, however this will effect a significant proportion of our older, lower performance aircraft and as a result is of significant concern to RA-Aus. As and when further information is available it will be communicated by the RA-Aus website, bulk email and the RA-Aus Magazine.


The RA-Aus Board and Staff would ask that you remain patient while further information and negotiation on the topics listed above are pursued.


Lee Ungermann


Chief Executive Officer


Recreational Aviation Australia Inc.


Attachment: Letter from the Director of Aviation Safety, Mr. John McCormick


*(I have compiled a listing in text file format of the current CASR Part 139 certified aerodromes [184] and registered aerodromes [120] ... JB)



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Thanks Ian, I see by the number of posts here relating to RA-Aus you have been busy, your efforts are appreciated.


Thanks for keeping us informed!



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