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Notice of 2009 Annual General Meeting


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The 2009 Annual General Meeting has been called in accordance with Rule 21 of the Constitution & Rules of Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated.


In Accordance with Rule 24 and By-Law 2, notice of this meeting is published in Recreational Aviation Australia, Volume (19) Issue 9.


Time: 1.00 pm


Date: 20th November 2009


Venue: Recreational Aviation Australia Inc.


Unit 3 Centre Court


1 Pirie Street






1. Opening of the meeting, receipt of apologies and proxies.


2. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting.


3. Business arising out of the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting


4. Presentation of the Annual Reports by the President, Secretary and Treasurer.


5. Business arising from Annual Reports and Questions from the floor.


6. Any Motions on Notice.


7. Declaration of the result of the Board Elections.


8. Close of the Annual General Meeting.



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