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September 18, 2009: CASA's continuing AvSafety Seminar program


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CASA is continuing with the Safety Seminar program, targeting pilots in regional Australia and run in partnership with local aero clubs.


Safety issues being covered are:


• Fuel management


• VFR into IMC


• Situational awareness


• Runway incursions


• Operations in and around controlled airspace


• Air safety and basic human performance


• Pilot maintenance


• Organisational culture


• Operations at uncontrolled airports


• Responsibilities of the pilot in command


• Airmanship


• Controlled flight into terrain


CASA and occasionally other experts will deliver a presentation on the chosen topics as well as engage pilots in lively discussions about relevant local issues. The local Aero Club will host the evening and will choose topics that give the most benefit to their local pilots. CASA also provides a free BBQ for all attending.


For current venues and dates, please check www.casa.gov.au/seminars/avsafety.asp.



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