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RAAus Governance Committee


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At the last board meeting it was decided to establish a Governance Committee. The committee would be accountable to the board for overall governance development and performance.


Some areas the Governance Committee may pay attention to is:


  • Review the orientation manual and conduct orientations
  • Training and education of the board related to governance roles and responsibilities
  • Identification and recruitment of external resources/experts to assist the board in its governance role and responsibilities
  • Evaluation and monitoring of governance processes, including policy development and processes for board monitoring/oversight of operations
  • Identification and development of recommendations on By-laws, Constitution and policies and processes





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Guest Maj Millard

Umm, sounds a bit confuluted Ian. But if it is needed to protect members rights, and to eliminate the upper honchos making big operational decisions without consulting membership, then it may be necessary ?............................................... Maj



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