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NatFly 2009 - Workshop and Forum Report


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At Natfly 2009, a number of workshops were held in hangars, the auditorium and in a private hangar. On Saturday, there were 6 venues with programs occurring simultaneously.


Over 1,500 people attended these workshops and forums.


The new initiative, the Ladies Tent, was a huge success with 30-50 participants at each session.


Unfortunately the Young People's program was not well attended.


The Meet The Board session was changed to "Your RAAus Team at Work" with the emphasis on not only meeting the board members who were present, but also hearing from the CEO an outline of the work the 'team' had been conducting for the Association. This change proved to be very successful.


Issues that will need some further work to improve:


- Most people forgot to bring their Natfly insert booklet.


- Need more volunteer help with organising and running sessions.



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