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Notice of Proposed Rule Making – NPRM 0901AS


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Purpose of this NPRM


ICAO Annex 15 states that 'the role and importance of aeronautical information/data changed significantly with the implementation of area navigation (RNAV), required navigation performance (RNP), airborne computer based navigation systems and data link systems. Corrupt or erroneous aeronautical information/data can potentially affect the safety of air navigation'. This risk can only be managed if the organisation responsible for the provision of an aeronautical information service can ensure the integrity of aeronautical data through its documented processes and procedures. Data service providers who publish aeronautical information that pilots are permitted to use as an alternative to the AIP must also be able to demonstrate that the aeronautical information and data that they publish is consistent with the aeronautical information and data published in the AIP. Data integrity can only be verified if the AIS provider and data service providers can demonstrate that their procedures do not introduce errors or corruption during receipt, processing, storage, transmission and publication of aeronautical information and data.


Civil Aviation Safety Authority - NPRM 0901AS - Aeornautical Information Services



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