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New post from a lurker

Guest Mark_hwltt

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Guest Mark_hwltt

I Everyone,


I've been hiding for awhile now (lurking)


So i'll just introduce myself,


I've held a PPL for 4 years and have only just joined the ultralight crowd during the last 5 months, also held a GFA licence for about 8 years.


Worked as a AME part time, doing a Mature Age Traineeship (Old F-rt School) and have a small business repairing computers (paying the bills) in Goulburn NSW.


Also have a N3-SuperPup in hanger 9 at Goulburn which consumes most of my weekends,


So if your passing drop in for a cuppa..





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Welcome Mark, great to hear from you. I'm sure you've had some adventures in your Superpup that you could share with us!


I grew up in Goulburn and overlooked the airport from our house on the hill near the wool stores. I still remember the Fletcher's taking off every morning roaring across the countryside. Are they still operating from there?



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Guest Maj Millard

Welcome Mark, I feel I have a link with Goulburn because I married a girl from there years ago, in a little stone church. We should have stayed just friends...........I mainly remember it just being cold as, in winter....but hey, when your young and on the hunt !!....................024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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