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Gloucester fly-in

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Was hoping to go to the Gloucester Aero Clubs Annual Fly-in today.


Started planning last night for the trip from Katoomba to Gloucester in the Gazelle, but alas this morn the weather and forecast are not conducive to a pleasant weekends flying. TS for the afternoon trip home so we,ve decided to give it a miss. 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif


We had been really looking forward to flying up there for some time. The Gazelle has just come back home with a brand new 912 up front and prop after a ground incident with a parked truck trailer (dog trailer) its taken nearly 12 mths to get it repaired down at Camden after probs with insurance.




Never mind, hopefully we,ll get up there soon. :thumb_up:






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That's a shame, the weekend actually worked out in the end.


About 40 odd aircraft, no rain and a good bonfire to stand around :kumbaya: and CURRY :stirring pot:


A couple of photo's for November (in competition post)





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Yeah, it was good.


I flew in from YWOL. It was a bit of a "scud run" but you would have made it ok.


Well, actually don't want to be too sure on that.


But flying past prospect I was limited to about 1500 foot coz of cloud. PATCHY, so you may have made it.



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What did you go in Dog?


I had to be a pax in a 182 going to NATFLY this year, and we did some very ""exciting"" scud running from Bathurst to Narro. That was bad enough...then we had to dodge cloud and mountains to get only as far as Mudgee. Scared the crap out of me i_dunno


Did some nice local flying on Sunday here at Katoomba anyway:thumb_up:



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