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"Ants airports"

flying dog

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If they aren't compatible, they are the single best argument I've seen for changing to FSX - from what I've seen these scenery files are superb. Look forward to seeing an answer from someone who knows a bit more about these things



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hey Woofer


the airports package (freeware) for FS9 is Vista Australia (Voz) and you can get the disc from the Flightsim Store for about $6 (cost of CD and post) - OzX is FSX only


and i agree with Spin, FSX + FTX + OzX is mind blowing - what i see onscreen is so close to what i see when i fly me lil Drifter into Boonah is so close it's uncanny


i recently spent some time in Victoria and while there i had a TIF in a trike - when i got home i got on the sim and had a fly around the same area, everything was there, the little town we stayed in (Bright), the airfields at Mount Beauty and Porepunkah - i saw the same things onscreen that i saw during the TIF - unreal !


no point in putting in tiny pix here in the forums, pm me and i'll send ya some screenies that will rock ya socks off....







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