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Reminder to CFIs on the requirements of the CASA approved 150-hour CPL course


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Reminder to CFIs on the requirements of the CASA approved 150-hour CPL course


CASA notes a significant number of student pilots undertaking the CASA approved 150-hour CPL course have not complied with the requirement of the course to attempt the exams in an integrated sequence as defined in the Day VFR (aeroplanes) syllabus, Issue 4.1 - 01 October 2008, section 1, subsection 2, paragraph 2.8.2.


CASA has made provision to allow for exams attempted out of sequence with the integrated requirements to be deleted. Though this provision has been made to support 'exception to the rule' cases so students can regain track on the approved 150-hour course, these events should not occur if the flying training organisation closely manages the students progress. CASA have recently received an increasing number of applications to delete CPL exams because of non compliance with the syllabus requirement for the 150-hour course (i.e. students are attempting exams before they have achieved the required training competencies & aeronautical experience).


CASA is increasingly concerned about the number of flying schools failing to comply with the integrated requirements as set out in the Day VFR syllabus.


Such requests reflect adversely on the responsible CFI who is required under paragraph 2.8.3 of the Day VFR syllabus to be responsible for ensuring their student pilots training is integrated and they comply with 2.8.2.


CASA would like to remind CFIs of their responsibility towards the monitoring of their students' progress on the integrated course. CFIs should consult regularly with the Day VFR syllabus to ensure their students are receiving training in the manner prescribed in the syllabus. Any CFIs requiring clarification as to their role in the process should contact CLARC.


This and other flying training notices can be found on the CASA website:


Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Notices for Flight Training & ATOs



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