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Search for FLARM, not FLAM.It has popped up in quite a few threads - like this one.

My dyslexia must have kicked in! Thanks for the correction.


I'm most interested in the use of FLARMs in the gliding context, especially things like false positives when thermaling, etc.



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FLARM's are now mandatory at many glider clubs in Vic and NSW where from what I am told the policy is no FLARM, no launch. I fly at the GCV Benalla, and although it is not mandatory most of the gliders seem to have them.


I was sitting in the club rooms after a day of flying towards the end of the gliding season this year. One of the other pilots was discussing how he was flying along a cloud street doing about 80kn when his FLARM alerted him with a nice female voice that there was a glider approaching head on. As he was doing 80kn, and after discussing with the other glider pilot who was also travelling at a similiar speed in the opposite direction there approach speed was about 300kmh or 5km min.


As the FLARM warns about 2 to 3 km away as you can see there is sufficient time to see and avoid, maybe 30 seconds. In this instance the gliders were not on a collision course but neither pilot had spotted the other glider approaching head on before their FLARM's made them aware. As you know a glider approaching head on is pretty small, and you would only need to be distracted for a short while to be in a very nasty situation.


I think they are a great bit of kit and really assist you but of course they are only an aid to use with effective look out. Hope this helps.



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