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Throttle Lock.


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Here is a throttle lock I made from 3 mm thick alloy plate. Requires drilling a 6mm diam hole in your throttle arm, but that's no big deal.


Works like a charm and simple to put in place or remove.











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I agree, neat and proffessional looking, but does it comply to the letter of the law. I went through the wording when it all came out and to comply with the lock required was just about impossible as the AS was unknown to local locksmiths. I bought what was as near as I could get to the requirements and it was checked by the experts from Dotars and pronounced good. I don't know if this will pass, but of course it is probably just as good as what I have and probably cheaper.



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Checked by a security man!


Yenn, don't know if it meets the letter of the law... but I do know it works and has passed inspection by a security man at one well known major airport. Once in place the throttle cannot be moved at all. First one I made allowed some movement and I was advised to redesign it to stop any movement... which it now does.


Took all of 30 mins and about $10 to make. Guess it's not what meets the law so much as what appears to meet the requirements of the law, if you know what I mean.



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