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The RAAus Office


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Thought I would take some happy snaps of the RAAus office and the staff so those that haven't made it to Canberra can feel they belong to the Association a bit more and can picture things a bit better when they are talking to the staff.


Welcome to the RAAus office




Entrance straight in which is the reception area




Entrance to the left




The reception area is the home of 2 staff members that may answer the phone when you call...what are their names and what do they do?




Hard right from the front door is the home of another member of staff...who does that smiling face belong to and what does she do?




There is a larger office to the right of the reception area which is the home of 2 more staff who also perform important roles...who are they and what do they do?




To the back right of the reception area is Steve Bell's office who as RAAus members know is our great Tech Mgr. (no photo as he was out doing an investigation)


At the back of the reception area is the home of....who looks after....




Down the hall a little and to the left is the junk room ;)




Across to the right past the copiers is another office and a staff member who is...




Out the back to the left are two offices for... (and that is Myles - Sth Qld board rep, giving one of them some grief)




and they look over the huge back room where all the hard copies of your certificates and aircraft details are stored




Now here is the goings on of the board room and the AGM




and to prove that even the board members try to save costs at all times




I hope these pictures help to show those that haven't been to the office what it is like and the faces, well most of them anyway, of those that you may talk to on the phone the next time you ring.


The only question left is who in the above pictures looks like the type of person that does which role, or how you may have pictured the person to look like when you did speak to them on the phone perhaps about your certificate renewal or your aircraft reg etc....... :big_grin:





































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