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Hey whats the go drifter gang? No posts for 5 mths? Surely not everybody is parked up./.......


I'm looking for the engine mouting bracket so I can convert the 503 to 582. I have arranged the stay conversion (pan to post) from wires to stay bars with Wayne Fisher but need the rest of the set up. Any thoughts?



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I converted my 503 drifter to a 582 in June this year there are a lot of little things that you need to change to make it work. If you are SE Queensland based it will be easer for me to show you what I have done than for me type the process out on a computer. Or just phone me on 0438250404 (after hours on week days please)





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i have to add my five cents worth here...


Kiwi is The Man to talk to about this (and many other Drifter modification/maintenance questions)


he has been an absolute gem in helping me sort out quite a few problems with my WB582 and i cannot recommend him enough


he is based at Boonah and as he has been generous to provide his mobile number that says it all (remember, AH weekdays only pls)




boleropilot (also know in some circles as cropduster dave)


ps if your girlfiend is a sheep, don't bring her along to boonah - fair warning !



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