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Tricks of the trade on J230

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Ok, so weather permitting I'm getting a type conversion on a J230 tomorrow....


So basically I was just wondering if there is any silly little things I should look out for that will be of help to me in mastering it! I know I will do as the instructor requires, but it doesn't hurt to find out what others reckon.


I've been told about it floating a little more, and more rudder on take off etc... Anything else you reckon I need to know that will make life easier?


I've ended up going with the guys over at Clifton, so I'll see what it is like over there too.


I've got about 21hrs in a J120, and 40 or more in Drifters...



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Guest Andys@coffs

So one thing I constantly have to watch is to not exceed flap deployed speed at take off. Its very easy to exceed 80kts on take off. For me, I tidy the aircraft relatively quickly so that I can climb at a speed that ensures good cooling airflow to the engine.





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Biggest difference for me when I did the conversion was the torque effect, keep on that right rudder else you'll find yourself in the weeds..and yes she got off the ground quick( get that nosewheel just off the ground asap) and accelerates fast so keep it in the white arc or you'll hurt the flaps. At safe height after you have cleaned up you can also reduce power to around 2700rpm (from memory) gives a more manageable climb/circuit speed etc. That six cylinder has plenty of grunt. I trained in the j160. Most procedures are similar except it happens quicker :)


Bigger wings and smaller ailerons mieans bigger inputs to get the same result especially on a bumpy approach, floats a bit more than 160 but I find her easier to land.


Enjoy! lucky bugger ;)



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Don't be a pussy Tomo. Get in, belt on and throtle forwards.....the rest will come to you.


So what's Ian done with the emoticon of the guy boogying on his bike



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Keep your speed over the fence about 60kts and you wont float too much. I find if I have my revs at about 2000 by the base turn I am spot on flap speed.




I will be in your area early in the new year- might catch up





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