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Hello all


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Goodaye all


Name is Bruce, new to this site and hope l can contribute at some stage.


My family has always wanted to fly, but no one has commited.


l started lessons many years ago but family came along and put a stop to that.


Now l am hoping to complete my licence and have the children learn to fly as well.


Looking to become a fine weather flyer to different points around Australia.


At the moment l am looking for kit aircraft to build, after restoring a number of vintage and classic cars it seems the natural progression for me.


l have a kit in mind and am in the process of speccing it and costing it.


While l am building it l will also do my license.


So l hope to be picking a few brains here and l will apoligise in advance for the the dumb questions.


regards Bruce



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Howdy Bruce, Welcome along...


Great to hear you are getting yourself into flying, great fun and rewarding.


The only dumb question is the one you don't ask, so don't worry about it, we are all in this together... to help each other....


Have fun and fly safe :thumb_up:



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Hi Bruce, welcome to the forums.


Your intro is not very different to many other "just landed" stories. But time's on your side, hang in there!


Regards, Decca.098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif



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