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Warp Drive Props - Does size matter???


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My Prop is bigger than yours! Well good for you mate!


Hi folks, I am wondering about what the best cruise speed prop to purchase for my Warp Drive hub. Does the shorter prop give a higher or lower cruise speed? Or does it have more to do with the shape of the prop? Or is it a combination of both?


I have a skyranger and know that climbing will never be a problem but I am looking for the right blade to give me the best cruise speed. Those of you who use Warp Drive Props I am especially interested in your advice.





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I think that you will find that at Skyranger cruise speeds the will be amost no discernable differance between the blades that fit the warp drive hub. I am only aware of the two offerings from warp drive and the bolly blades. The hard leading edge is the way to go too. The few extra bucks is money well spent.



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Yep, exactly right - there'll be no difference in cruise speed. See 'Prop Comparisons' at StolSpeed Aerodynamics - Performance Enhancement for Light Aircraft . I've just completed another series of prop testing comparisons, this time between Bolly 68", Bolly 66", Kiev, Kool, and Aon. Just writing it up now, but once again all gave the same cruise speeds, +/- 1 kt, when tested at the same manifold pressure. Manifold pressure gives a good indication of actual engine power output. You'd think there would be more difference than that, but I did many of the tests over and over just to confirm.... Only difference in all these last results was a slightly reduced climb rate for the 66" Bolly, but identical cruise speed. These were tested on a Savannah.


The 68" Bolly is actually 68" Bolly blades in a Warp Drive hub. The 66" Bolly is the same blades in a Bolly hub. (Why Bolly labels them such is a mystery....) I have had a Warp Drive, and cruise speed was the same as the Bolly, but the much lighter Bolly blades in the Warp Drive hub are much smoother running. The Warp Drive hub is very good, and it's a good combination with the Bolly blades. Just specify to Bolly that you intend to mount them in a Warp Drive hub so they can make a small adjustment to the very base of the blade to allow them to seat properly.





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