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Free online GPS course for VFR pilots

Guest AusDarren

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Guest AusDarren

Offered by the Air Safety foundation, an offshoot of AOPA in the USA


gives an overview of GPS generally, there are also versions for IFR and another specific to the Garmin Panel mounts G430/G530.


a great way to get to understand the basics.


the course takes about half hour to work through.




Highly recommended!







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That is all good and well for them to give course on that model but how may if any of us have units like that fitted to an ultra light a/c.


My 2c's worth.



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I did the course and looked at some of the others, one I wanted to try wouldn't load but they are all interesting. I can't fit either GPS into the Corby but it helps with Flight Sim.


Ian Borg



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