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Bantam & trike pilot


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Just introducing myself as a new member. Just posted my Bantam for sale. Will eventually get a photo up when I can work out how to downsize my photo to the required size?? i use iphoto on my Mac, if anyone out there can tell me how to do this?? In meantime if you are interested I can email the photo directly to anyone who is interested. I also have an airborne 503 trike .



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Guest davidh10

Too long since I've used a Mac, but generically...


You need to open your photo in an image editing program and then "Downsample" it to a smaller size. You can usually specify the dimensions desired or the percentage reduction. The former is more useful. When saving as a JPG, you can set the compression level (quality vs file size).


Depending on whether you took the phot correctly framed for the purpose, you may want to crop it to remove unwanted areas. This too, can be done in an image editing program.


JPG files use lossy compression, so do the edit in one hit. Don't keep editing and saving, then opening and editing and saving. The picture will lose quality each time.


If you have camera software like Photoshop that will do it, but I don't know what comes as bundled with a Mac.


GIMP is a suitable and capable Open Source (free) program that is also available for Mac OSX.


Hope that helps.



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