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  1. Never put a drop of fuel in my trike without it going through a my funnel. Avoid the extra large double filter one. I have afew filters and use an extra large for diesel on tractors etc and even though the flow rate is great, it's a bit of a pain to use due to its size and the additional chamber in the bottom. Small or med are a good size for rec aircraft. Only down side is they can be a bit top heavy and flat bottomed rather than tapered so need holding / supporting depending on your filler neck size, location and angle. I have seen other sizes than shown on your quoted site. A frie
  2. Better than a ladder is an aluminium plank. Come in different lengths and don't suffer from the rung point load issues. Still use carpet / foam under the wing though. Ray
  3. Hi Have either of you spoken to Airborne about this in case they aren't aware there is any sort of issue. Only with good feedback can they make sure it doesn't occur in future wings. Especially one I might buy in the future :-)
  4. The overlay concerns me as it varies quite a bit from the air space marked on the chart, very noticeable with the lane though Williamtown Controlled air space. Unlike the Rotax vs Jab discussion this isn't about reliability. All 3 ( and there are others as well) do a similar job and are continually improving ( at time leap frogging one another in features ). Depending on where, how and in what we fly means we have different requirement from a gps / nav program. What suits one best may not be the best option for someone with slightly different priorities. The 3 all have 1 month
  5. Likewise David, Didn't realise u were there till Sun, I did Try and put things in place so our paths would cross :) Sorry Just got a bit busy flying :)) No doubt our paths will cross again. Just look for for me in the motor bike wing thingo ;)
  6. Ta hate to think I was missing something. Though not really an issue as OR does fine.
  7. Maybe I am missing something but I cannot find au av maps anywhere in the in app - map store NZ is the closest it gets. Would be nice if I could get maps as I have paid for the app. A friend has au av maps on his but I don't think he can update them anymore. Open to suggestions or correction as map access would be good .
  8. I have Ozrunways , avplan and air nav pro, Air nav pro now lacks au av maps ( it used to have them ) so it falls behind badly I find Ozrunways easy to use though the route planing is a bit raw yet, but I think a new version with improved planning is not far away. Single destination and use as a general map gps is easy as is overall use. It seems to be developing and improving at a fairly fast rate. My choice of the three, especially as an in-air gps
  9. While it is not me but Royal Newcastle Aro club that has and hires the trike Yes it is certainly still available. See the attached PDF on the aircraft and Hire rates page for details http://www.rnac.com.au Ray
  10. Wayne You forgot to mention the Air Tractor displays on both days Well done on a good show promoting all aviation. Why you even had a powered parachute over fly the show on Sunday Ray
  11. I agree with Herb, go with the Airborne combo. If you need to use it in a GA type mates plane you can get an adapter to suit and it works a treat. Early micro air models had a few issues but later ones seem fine. If there are problems they are normally easily and quickly fixed usually at reasonable cost if out of warrantee by returning unit to micro air in Qld.
  12. Hi On an airborne wing there is usually 2 small colour patches at the rear centre top of the wing - red / green on appropriate sides of the centre line.
  13. The Kookaburras have come over too - what a crowd :-)
  14. Hi all new here but lot of familiar names seem to be here. ;) Trike flyer and loving it.
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