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  1. sold the Bantam but still trying to sell the trike and hangar at Bindoon. ANy takers
  2. I live in Bali now Come for a stay in our new villa and talk flying www.villakatarina-bali.com
  3. good spot I don't know he never said I let him put it on lol
  4. BTW I sold it 6 months ago to a man returning to live in Thailand so its been on a journey from NZ to WA to Thailand :)
  5. lol I never picked that up I left it to him to put on I was more worried about the flight and the camera etc I had about 15 other planes behind me. WE flew in formation plus there was a problem with the plug so we couldn't talk to each other through the headsets :)
  6. This is my first filming using my new Go Pro mounted with the suction cup fitting on my helmet The wind caught it a couple of times but my passenger straightened it for me. ) By the way the plane is for sale only because I am moving in 6months time to Bali and can't find anywhere to keep and fly it there sadly :(
  7. Is this MKT ?? Next time you make yr video adjust the sound It nearly new my eardrums away lol :)
  8. I have been using the Castrol 2TS synthetic in my trike with a Rotax 503 engine since the Penrrite became unavailable seems to be ok But is expensive am interested to hear more abouyt this other oil some of you are mentioning ie Active T2 especially if it is much cheaper?
  9. None of those are the problem I think I may have found it Oe side of the fork has slight bend and it is causing wheel to catch on the material that surrounds the hole to stop dust coming in (a bit hard to explain -but not serious) you can email me at [email protected] No I didnt get your email
  10. Mine is for sale but is in WA you could fly it back??????
  11. have you ever had any problems with turning on the ground? I have a bantam with Jab engine ad recently developed a problem with taxing to the right Stand right on the rudder pedal and make s a wide turn AS you know ts tricky to get to the pedals for a close up look Any ideas??
  12. I live in WA and have one with Jab engine for sale
  13. I have one but an agent did the importing I believe if there is an agent in your area yo have to go through him?? Do you want to buy one? Cause mine is for sale
  14. Kathy (L) yes we are the same. Don't think I can afford a third aircraft lol! Merry xmas Will have to try and get up to Bindoon in Jan and fly the trike!!! if the weather settles???
  15. was this a question on my behalf??
  16. Did you get to fly a bantam and did you buy one?? I live on the other side of the country in WA and wat to sell mine it has the jabiru 2200 engine
  17. Haven't been pilot in command of a drifter but been a pax in one and I recckon the experience would be one of the closest for a 3 axis to be like a trike! eg wind in the face etc!
  18. Hey hubby is an electrician but not a Kiwi or a pilot LOL!. what year were you there??
  19. The Bantam has jabiru 2200 engine
  20. I cant seem to see a reply on your post to answer you????? please email me at [email protected]
  21. I learnt GA in a Cessna 172 , did aerobatic rating in a Cessna 152 a couple of years after that Then abut 3 years later learnt to fly a trike 10 years later went back to an ultralight and now fly both. The skill to fly a trike is so different to 3 axis and when under pressure landing you have to be careful that GA flying doesnt take over It actually happened to a pilot on his solo and he is now dead! :( So extra hours is worth the dollars spent! Judgement for the flare height is also so much more important than GA
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