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  1. Welcome Hunsta this is a great forum, Dont forget Gympie Aero Club has a Facebook page, and of course there is the Aero club breakfast the first Sunday of every month starting at 8 am, open to all aviators.
  2. rotax618 I agree with some of the above and yes the boom should be strengthened dont know enough about the Maxir 503 wing but the Ausflight WB 582 wing according to our engineer, is quite capable of the increased weight and performance also the weight and balance does fall in the new guide lines we have an increase MTOW. Having said that yes if the pilot is a light weight you do need weight on the seat. We had to jump through alot of hoops both from CASA and RAus to get a full certification. all of which was scrutinised twice once by our engineer and again by an RAaus appointed engineer mainl
  3. sorry rotax618 no to most of what you have quoted this is fully certified without both with CASA and RAus. without those mods.
  4. You could get away for under $16k with a 2nd hand engine maybe. dont know if the engineer costs have gone up since we did ours.
  5. No landing fees at Gympie yet and we do have MoGas , AvGas and toilets bring your credit card. p.s. you wont need it for the toilets we dont charge yet. you can also get a free cuppa at the clubhouse
  6. We have a 912 80 hp and to be honest it is terrific, couldn't go back to the 582. however the cost is huge, not only the engine but getting it certified to fly. If you have lots of cash to spare go for it.
  7. c722352

    Rotax 503

    If you want to carry a passenger 582. Had both, one up the 503 feels to handle alot better. of course nothing beats the 912.
  8. If you have a wire braced 582 just put the 80 hp on the back. dont try and change it to a strut based makes the aircraft a lot heavier, here in Australia it is frowned upon for this reason by the regulating body.
  9. The answer to the question is yes. We where one of the first to use the MARAP process, we have kept the 25 reg and its advantages it was a very long and expensive process, but once we started we had to see it through.
  10. Still the same 25 rego.
  11. I can answer one part for you 912 can be retro fitted to a wire braced Ausflight done it. Retro fitting the Strut braced seems to be a no go due to the take off weight. However unless you have alot of cash, time and love doing paper work I would forget it
  12. I think you may be correct M61A the trees that got in the way after the bounces are off to the left I do believe after the bounces and the left wing striking the runway the aircraft was just swung around and headed in the direction of the fence and the trees at this stage I doubt any of us "experts" could have or would have done anything but hold on and hope for the best. no airspeed no rudder control hitting a fence your just not going to get back in the air. And I'm not saying fixation in some circumstances is not a factor, just not this one. I'm just sorry the pilot will have to live with t
  13. Interesting piece in the Gympie Times about this mishap, if you cannot read it load in an incognito window Light plane 'written off' in disastrous Kybong landing
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