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  1. I have flown the J120, 160, 170 & 230 and have not experienced any type specific control problem similar to some described above. I have flown many other types in GA, RA-Aus & GFA and have experienced type specific peculiarities. The J170 requires a bit of skill to avoid float. The J230 may be the same due to wing similarities but I have not experienced it. An observation - I know a L2 who specialises in Jabirus and he has undertaken wheel alignment correction on a few. That said, it is a maintenance item that is often overlooked and many types probably have an issue but wh
  2. I learnt on Chippies too and also did lots of spins - what a 16 YO called fun. That said, I remember the "loose coin" accident. Spins/aeros in gliders ding the enjoyment bell.
  3. I share your enthusiasm for the 170 - I have a few hours in them plus some in the 120 and 140. I didn't find any of them to have challenging handling (I learn't in a Chippie) - if you want a challenge, try some of the short bodied Pipers. I took 170's to lots of different paddocks and conditions etc including snow in France and dust in the Middle East - handled it all with grace and reliability. An A model like yours got me from the UK to Australia and around NZ in its inaugural and, I think, only around NZ air race - all in the days before the magenta line. Those
  4. Geday RFguy Thank you for your response. Looks good but may be more than I need. Any suggestions for an entry level one?
  5. Is anyone able to suggest a reasonably priced scanner / receiver that is able to be used for both aviation and maritime VHF transmissions. Suggestions as to a suitable external aerial also appreciated. TIA
  6. My missed opportunity is flying the Amazon - planned for early 1990's starting in Florida and back to the US - got the vaccinations, A/C organised, planning done but my US based flying mate had a business problem so we postponed and never got back to it - career pressure from my end. Had already done UK to Australia (yes, Nev flew through snow in France) in 1990, the inaugural around New Zealand Air Race (I think the only one) 1991 both in a C170 and no GPS but with inaccurate maps and compass - parts of the US west coast (Stearman) etc Started AUF flying in Thrusters (
  7. I have received the new Sport Pilot - looks to be a more expensive production that the previous version but the content is OK. At three issues per year, I'm not sure it is going to of great interest to advertisers. As for the candidates, I'm not I will vote - not a fan of M & M (although it now maybe one M) and another ex-Army aviator - I don't think so - those with a little memory will remember a not so long back "CEO" and President.
  8. Thank you for your response - yes you are right, easy to do but me and my friends aren't that skilled in creating the aesthetic version hence the request. Will try Hella
  9. Hello Does anyone a Gazelle key (the forked one) they no longer require or know where to get one? Thank you
  10. Bruce Vickers at Lethbridge is the best you will find PM me and I will give you his contact details
  11. Steve Pearce - Peter Bini Advance Flight Training Moorabbin - http://biniflighttraining.com.au
  12. A number of years ago I did the inaugural (and only I think) around NZ Airrace in a C170 - I had to pass the NZ Air Leg exam before I could fly - I think I was issued a temporary licence. That said, I have transited many countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia without undertaking anything. I think the requirement is there if you want to operate under the host country's licensing/certificateI think the same applies here - see extract from RA-Aus Ops manual PRIVILEGES OF A STUDENT OR CONVERTING PILOT CERTIFICATE HOLDER 4 © c) they have passed a written pre-solo air legislation on examina
  13. Bruce Vickers at Lethbridge - GA & Ra-Aus - Very experienced and a great instructor - I've been flying 50 years next year - learnt on Chipmunks, flown lots of other tailwheels ( C170 UK to Australia etc etc) - he would be my choice PM me and i'll give you his phone number - do you have an A/C in mind?
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