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Another NATFLY question


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For anyone who has been to previous NATFLYs, are there opportunities at the actual venue to:


1. purchase an aircraft at discounted price?


2. test fly a particular aircraft on sale (if any) ?


3. purchase accessories ie headsets, maps, etc etc ?


Somehow I have the impression that the NATFLY is similar to a Motorshow where a lot of items are not merely static displays, and that they encourage hands-on.


Thanks for the info.



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Not to mention the "Fly-Market" where various 2nd hand bits are for sale each year. Last year I bought a Powermate Regulator there for $75 and they're about $250 new. It now lives on a single seater trike and is working well.


That's just an example of the various aircraft bits that can be found there each year for both Ultralight and GA.:thumb_up:







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wow, seems like the place to be.


its a 5+ hours drive from sydney but i've booked the accommodation at cootamundra as there are no more vancancies at temora.


really looking forward to my first natfly !



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