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Garmin's Aera 500 Hmmmm.... :(

flying dog

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Well, I've finally got to see one.


Not bad actually. However, there is a "problem" with it I can see.


On my 96C, there are buttons - and that isn't the problem. But one of them is one called "GO TO".


While flying, I can scroll to a point on the map and click GOTO and the GPS sends me there.


Ergonomics aside, I fail to see where it is on the AERA 500.


It is very "layered" in the functions. On the map display you can't do things other than scroll. If you want to do something, you have to exit that screen and then GOTO somewhere.


On the 96C the big "bug bare" for me was the clumbsyness of the scrolling to get to specific points. At least with a touch screen you can (fingers willing) go to where you point.


Yeah, the idea is there but the application isn't. What if more odd is that in automotive mode the 96C can't scroll and go to a place. Now with the AERA 500, the situation is reversed: In automotive mode you can scroll the map and select a point and GOTO there, but not in aviation mode.


KINDA DUMB if you ask me. thumb_down


It really looks nice, but the whole "layout" is different to how the older GPS's worked and so if you have one of the "older" ones, it is going to be a heck of a learning curve to get to know this new one.


Yes it has handy features for car mode which I missed on the 96C, and in aviation mode the terrain warnings are handy.


But can anyone tell me how to get the GOTO to work from the map page?


The last thing you want to be doing in a "critical" situation is scrolling through menus, typing in names or searching for nearest airports, etc, instead of simply clicking on the map and saying GO THERE NOW!





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Map Navigation


Hi there,


You can navigate to a point on the map quite easily, with a few clicks. Once you have touched on the map where you'd like to go, click and hold the 'Menu' button. This will bring up the 'Direct To' page, where you can click the 'Activate' green tick button, which automatically starts directing you to the point you touched on the map.


The menu button goes to two completely different screens, depending if you touch it briefly, or hold it down for about one second.


Hope that helps!





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I was impressed with the screen's viewability. Yeah, I was in the shop but I went to the window and tried it for "wash out". Not bad at all.


WRT the "pushability" of the buttons - which is doesn't have - I think it is an erganomic thing. "We" are used to buttons and so think touch screens are "bad". No, it is just a case if getting used to using them. What happens when you touch them is another issue - as per my original post.


Oh, how "accurate" is a bit of a tricky thing. The rocker button on the 96, 495, 206 (what ever) is also touchy and I have got annoyed trying to scroll to a specific point on the map screen with that system.


Time/practice would tell which is "better".


Geoffrey, at JA, a guy called Brodie was helping me - he if from your way.


We couldn't get that part going: Holding the menu "button" down. I was close holding my finger for a while on the point, but anyway....


Since I have your attention, was it on "your" video that I saw the opaque overlay of the buttons on the screen?


Or was that the 550? Somewhere I saw an opaque overlay of button functions on the map screen, but we - Brodie and I - couldn't resolve that either.





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For a touchscreen, the sunlight readability is excellent. I'll be honest. The button models do have slightly better screens in direct sunlight, but in my opinion the usability of the touchscreen far outweighs this slight difference.


What you can do with the transparent overlays on the main page is this: Each of the 4 corners has a customisable piece of information - text overlayed on the map. You can click on each when in the 'change mode', and choose any piece of information you'd like to be shown at that corner.


The 4 'opaque' buttons that are on RHS of the screen on the map page are Zoom Out, Zoom In, Menu (Direct To when held down...) and the Home button.





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