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AAK Bushman?


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Hey folks. I saw on the Australian Aircraft Kits website that they have a new aircraft, a tandem two seater. But the only thing on the aircraft's page is one photo - no details or anything. Is there any news about it yet? Is anyone building one or is it too soon? It appears to be a smaller version of the Hornet, with tandem seating.


It looks like my kind of aeroplane, but I can't find any details.



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Watched a couple of the early test hops, good STOL performance, but was having trouble with a dodgy motor.


This is being replaced with a small Lycoming (or Continental, I'm not sure) and is nearly ready to fly again.


Olle is pretty busy at the moment, but will continue testing soon.


It appears to be a smaller version of the Hornet

Having walked around the Bushman, it is actually a bit bigger than a Hornet, great visibility from the cockpit and plenty of hauling space.





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Nice. It looks pretty good from that one photo. I like that layout, I've thought about buying a Rans S-7 kit, but I'd rather something Australian.


I like the old-fashioned open cockpit layout, too, but with the exception of the Bakeng Deuce there isn't anything out there with a high wing, too - and the Deuce is flown from the back seat which I don't like.


So I'm going to keep my eye on the Bushman's developement. It'll be a while before I can start building my own aircraft, anyway haha.



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Looks like they've updated their website, and there are more details on the Bushman too. It looks pretty good - though a bit more bubble-shaped than i thought from that initial picture hahaha.


Still very neato. I'd like to see one flying.



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