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Converting GA hours to Ra-Aus

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The bare minimums are spelt out in section 2.0.7 of Operations Manual. See section 2B, under Aeronautical Experience.


Your training and time spent in GA aircraft will count towards the recreational license minimums of 20 hours and five hours solo, but you will need a minimum five hours conversion training including one hour solo in an RAAus aircraft. It will be up to the CFI of the RAAus training facility to assess your skills and knowledge, meaning that the five hours is a bare minimum and you may require further time.


If approaching an RAAus school, bring along your logbook and any training records that your GA school are prepared to release. This will assist the CFI in ensuring you have covered the full syllabus.


Oh, and you'll need to join RAAus.



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Thanks for that... I know several pilots in who have trained with the local GA school to those sort of hours only to give up on their PPL... A local Ra-Aus school is in the process of opening in my area...



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