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Help.... Computer question


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I've got a MiniDv Worlds smallest voice recorder sports camera. I can't seem to get the date/time to behave itself and change to the correct date/time!


In the manual it says to create a TAG.TXT under the root directory of card with the date time in a certain order etc...


I doesn't seem to work properly though, it does change the date/time from what it was previously, but never to what you ask it too!


Is there anything that you normally can do to fix it? am I doing something wrong?


The date/time option can't seem to be turned off, so I really need to fix it! If someone knows if you can turn it off, that would be great!




Ps. I've been using the windows puter, so not mac issue...



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I would love to help but without more details like: Are there any buttons on it? What "format" is the file - yy/mm/dd hh:mm for example?


Is there a link so "we" could look at it and try to grasp its functions?



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Sorry flying dog... I was in a bit of a hurry, so didn't get as much detail as I should've. Same now... but:


It has a power, mode, and video buttons and a slot to put a miniSD card into...


The manual... if you could call it that! says to do this -


1. build a text called TAG.TXT under root directory of card


2.open TAG.TXT, write synchronous date according to enclosure strictly.


Details as following:




[date] need space with newline


2009/07/22 need space with newline


12: 00: 00




Power on machine every time, system will check and analyze TAG.TXT, then set system time according to file time. After that the text will be deleted by system automatically.



That's all it can tell me... I'm not even sure what brand of machine it is, nothing on box or camera... Problem is it records beautifully! perfect picture... but with the wrong date!



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You mentioned that it does change the date/time when you use this method, just not to what you are expecting. Have you tried working through a few iterations,




time was: xx


set card with data: yy


restart, time is now: zz


do it again,:


set card with data: aa


restart, time is now: bb


post your results after doing this a couple of times. Someone here might be able to see what's happening and suggest an answer?



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What it COULD be is the C/R L/F stuff.


Some machines put one thing in when you press enter, others use another code. It has been a LONG time since I have done that kind of stuff. It was painful then, and seems it may still be "used" by some systems.


You will need a HEX editor (maybe) to be sure.


As I read what you wrote, it is easy enough. But what could be happening is that the ASCII part of it is not correct so it is not reading it correctly.


As flying high said, posting a few "before/after" examples would help us determin what is going on.


Good luck.


No problem is insumountable.



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Thanks muchly for your replies...


I will get some results happening tonight if time allows and will post what it is doing.





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i have one of these. I made the file wth windows notepad - tag.txt in the root directory of the camera's drive card ( example is for 22 July 2009 )


I also copied the file to tag1.txt so i could reuse it next time ( the camera removes the tag.txt after sucking it in)










- Ian



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:big_grin::big_grin: Got it worked out! :thumb_up:


For some funny reason if I put the time as say - 12:35:00 - it would come up with something different! But if I put - 12:35:11 - it would work! so there you go, put some seconds in and she's away...


Thanks heaps for the help guys, I'll be able to use them a little more now without worrying about the time and date :thumb_up:





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