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Hello my name is Rodger I have just landed here on this web sight , I have always been interested in flying but have not gotten to the stage where I can actually start leaning to fly . What are the costs invoved in learning to fly , from ultralight trykes to LSA aircraft , is there any one in a similar situation as me , kind regards Rodger .



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Hi Rodger,


Welcome to Rec Flying! We have been bitten by the bug for many years and can't imagine life without flying. We have built our own aircraft and also own some "factory built" aircraft. For the biggest fun factor for the dollar recreational flying is best - the RA Aus aircraft - ultralights would be my choice. Building your own can become an all consuming passion and a cheap way to get exactly what you want to fly.


There will be others along in a minute with better info on costs etc.


Go for it!





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Guest milton56

Hi Rodger


Welcome. I've just finished building an aircraft and now its flying. The enjoyment of building your own plane and then seeing it fly is a fantastic feeling. I have not finished my certificate as yet but when the 25 hrs are flown off by a pilot friend of mine I hope obtain my certificate in my own plane (cheeper instruction costs).


Regards Milton:thumb_up:



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