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Tauranga City (NZ) Airshow Feb 6 & 7

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Hi Folks,


Is anyone traveling to the Tauranga City Airshow in NZ on 6 and 7 February. I will be in NZ for business that week and have already booked tickets to the airshow.


Looks like it will be one hell of a show ... it is the first one for Tauranga and planned to be held every two years.


How many of you Kiwis will be there?


Any other Aussies planning on attending?


Check out the link Tauranga City Airshow





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Yeh, I know what you mean Daz, its really an Eastern state of OZ (sorry all you great Kiwis).


As a matter of trivia and completely off subject; did you know that the Australian Constitution has provision to govern New Zealand and that New Zealand does not have a constitution.


Back on subject: Travel to NZ is so cheap these days and accommodation is cheaper than Melbourne and given the 27% dollar difference at the moment it is fantastic value.





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